Hiring a Nanny

If you are interested in hiring a nanny registered with our agency, Nannies of Green Hills, LLC would be happy to begin the placement process for you. 
* We will need to get your job description, or CLIENT PROFILE, and can email a template to you for guidance.  We ask that you be as specific and compelling as possible when completing this form as this is the information that will be forwarded to nannies seeking positions through our agency.

** We will need you to register with our agency by signing our Service Agreement and paying any start up costs associated with your nanny search.

*** We will forward to you our Client Welcome Packet and Employment Handbook.  The Welcome Packet contains several items including a checklist of our interview process, sample questions to ask caregivers during interviews, and a sample employment agreement.  The Employment Handbook is an easy-to-read reference compilation of helpful tax and legal information.

****We will present your Client Profile to the nanny applicants we feel are best suited for your position based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to the caregiver's experience with children the same age as your own, and the driving distance from their home to yours. 

When a nanny reviews your profile and is interested in meeting you,  you will be sent a copy of her NANNY PROFILE. This is typically an emailed document. You may see profiles emailed one at a time or several at once.  You can then select the applicants you would like to interview and Nannies of Green Hills, LLC will set the appointment for you. You can interview as many nannies as you like until you find the right match for your family.    

***When a possible match is found, a family may want to have a trial day or working interview with that nanny.  Agency policy is that trial days are treated as temporary employment. This means that nannies will be paid directly $15 per hour for their time and the agency will bill $10.00 per day for the referral.    

**When a nanny is offered a permanent position and she accepts, she will become your employee.  We strongly suggest you fill out the Employment Agreement found in your Client Welcome Packet.  This will help to ensure that employment expectations are made clear for all parties involved. At this time, any agency placement fees will be due.

*Set a start date for your caregiver.  Nannies of Green Hills, LLC will be sure to check in with you and your nanny over the next several months to follow up on your placement.